Saturday, 22 May 2010

Netted Petticoats

I've had a request for information on netted petticoats, but specifically for ones that have less volume than the usual costume ones.

So, here are some suggestions ...

Petticoat Perfection (pictured) offer a custom made service, so customers can choose exactly how fluffy they want their underskirt, or indeed what colour and trim:

Prices start at £36 for a less fluffy number.

For those of you who have a bigger budget, you might want to try Candy Anthony who is a London based designer. She makes the most gorgeous 50s inspired dresses, petticoats and all the other accessories one needs to carry of a glamorous, vintage look. Candy's designs are perfect for brides.

Costume Cabin offer handmade petticoats starting at £14.99 for a basic design. They also quote current despatch times for all their garments, which is useful. The range of designs for petticoats is impressive.

Fuller, ready-to-wear petticoats at high street prices are available from Dolly Dagger (£45 - pink version to the left) and Rokit (£40 - on sale). Dolly Dagger sale wonderful party dresses to compliment your petticoat.

Friday, 21 May 2010

Knee High Socks

I am often asked for clothing and accessory ideas, so I am going to start posting these as part of my blog. I have a few backdated requests to go through, starting with knee high socks.

I have been a big fan of knee high socks since Clueless first aired in the cinemas in the '90s. Personally, I like wearing them over opaque tights, which retains some modesty and also warmthwhen living in the unpredicatable climate of Scotland. If you're feeling brave, they look great with a pretty Summer dress when the weather allows you be bare legged.
Here are some tips for amazing stockists of knee high socks:

First up is Leg Avenue, who are America's version of Anne Summers, only with a focus on clothing. They also do a fantastic range of swimwear, hoisery and dressup. The best thing is they have a well established, easy to use web site at The delivery is always very prompt.

American Apparel stock a fantastic selection of thigh high socks, starting at £13.00. They also have pretty knee socks. They have a UK based web site at

Surprisingly, Marks and Spencer always do a great range of socks. They never fail to impress me with cute, quirky designs for socks, tights, leggings, the lot. Here are a couple of items I recently found on their site - cute little grey leg warmers and stirrup knee high socks at just £4.00 each. Bargain!

If all else fails, ASOS usually have a good supply of hoisery. They do a more affordable version of American Apparel's knee- and thigh-high socks. The black ones are £4.00, the stripey ones are £6.00:

Please let me know if you give any of these pairs of socks a go.
Are you looking for a specific kind of garment or accessory? Get in touch and I will do some research for you!